1. Leggings

There are 2 brands from amazon that is swear by!! They are so good y’all! They stay put during your whole workout, they are durable (I have washed mine so many times!), not to mention they are super duper comfy! They come in a variety of colors and patterns, it is hard to just pick one! I have several in different colors and patterns, they are all I wear now for working out, I even like pairing them with a tee, denim jacket and some tennies for a casual, “athleisure” look.

2. Water Bottle

These 2 are both great options. I personally love the smaller one with the handle because it is great for when I go on walks/runs, makes it easier to carry! For those of you that need a little extra pressure to drink water then these are both perfect for you, they have time markers to remind you to DRINK YOUR WATER! Plus, I love all the cute color options!

3. Resistance Bands

I grabbed these when quarantine started and I love them! Not being able to go to my normal gym classes was a big bummer, but I started doing online workouts at home. I use the app and have been loving it! They have so many different workouts you can do. These resistance bands have definitely upped my at home work out game.

4. Weights

This little set works out great for me personally because I am a little weakling! I do also have some heavier weights for lifting but I like these ones for a barre class or mat pilates. Not to mention how cute are the colors!

5. Foam Roller

I never really used to think that I would need this, but let me tell you foam rolling makes a big difference. I know most of you have probably been doing this for years but I had to share because since I have been working out at home more and have had more time I have been loving this! Helps with stretching out muscles, it is also great if you feel like you strained or pulled something you can roll it out. ( advice: watch a video if you are trying it for the first time!)

6. Yoga Mat/Socks

Most people probably have a yoga mat already but I just love this pattern, thought it was super cute. I also love these non slip socks for when I am doing barre at home, it keeps me from sliding all over the place! These ones are great and they come in a pack of 4!

7. Work out tops

These amazon work out tops are awesome! They are so stinkin’ cute and I love all the color options. I also really like this pack of 5 tanks, such a great deal!

8. Protein Powder, bars and shaker bottle!

I am not the biggest fan of protein powder, I just cannot stand the taste and I have tried A LOT of different bands! However, my sisters swears by this brand, she said she loves the taste!

These blender bottles are super cute and I love the extra dose of daily motivation! These come in a few different colors and have different sayings.

If y’all have not tried these Power Crunch bars OMG go try them! It tastes like a candy bar! I always have these or some other protein bar in my purse!

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