Summer Must Have’s – Sunscreen Edition

I am a freak about sunscreen ALL YEAR round. We all need to be wearing it all the time, out skin needs protection from the sun and the sun is not just out when it is hot. I used to hate putting sunscreen on my face and body because I have darker skin the sunscreen would ALWAYS turnkey face and body grey/white!! It was the worst! I have tested and tried so many different lotions and I have put together a little list for y’all of my my favorites! They all go on smooth and clear and sit well under my make up! I usually get 50 SPF or above.

1. Supergoop

This is probably one of my favorite brands of sunscreens! They have amazing products but they can be a little pricey. I get this big bottle from amazon and use it all over my body everyday. I have used it on my face as well, under my make up and my make up sits still and does not slide around.

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost

The hydro boost line from neutrogena is one of my favorites. I like the daily moisturizer and love the way it feels on my skin. This sunscreen version is just as good! It goes on clear and does not leave my face looking grey or discolored. This one also sits well under my make up.

3. CeraVe

CeraVe is a tried and tested and favorite brand of mine. I like this version of their sunscreen because it goes on smooth. There was another version I got of this brand and it leaves my face grey! If you have lighter skin this would be a great one for you. I tend to use this more in the winter months.

Now let’s get into some of my favorite setting sprays that have SPF in them. I use these on top of my make up and spray it throughout the day on my face to reapply!

1. Supergoop Setting Spray

Another product from supergoop that I love is the setting spray. It has SPF 50 and it is a great way to set your make up on a daily basis.

2. Coola Setting Spray

This is another great brand and product. I switch between this setting spray and the supergoop ones they both hold my make up really well and are easy to reapply throughout the day. I also use their chapstick that has SPF, it is a little drying so I usually layer it on top of some Vaseline.

These are all just a few products that I personally use on a daily basis. I have tried and tested all these brands and products. I hope you found it useful and don’t forget to put your sunscreen on!! xoxo

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